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About Enkopa Summit

Empowering Ethiopia’s Next Generation of Leaders.

Where Collaboration Transforms Vision into Reality.

About the event

Enkopa Summit, Ethiopia’s largest all-inclusive industry event, spearheaded by Laurendeau & Associates (L&A), connects dreamers, innovators, tech experts, policymakers, and more to collaborate on ventures transforming Ethiopia, scheduled for October 10 and 11, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and investment opportunities within Ethiopia and the East-Africa region.

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Laurendeau & Associates (L&A) is a trusted management consultancy specializing in innovative advisory services for leaders in emerging markets, particularly in Africa. Recognizing the potential of digital technologies, L&A aims to bridge the gap between vision and execution. Enkopa, initiated by L&A, embodies this ethos by fostering a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ethiopia, driving socio-economic impact and transformation in the region.

— Join the tech revolution at Enkopa Summit.

Why attend?

Enkopa Summit offers a unique chance to delve into Ethiopia's vibrant business scene, featuring 150+ speakers and 2,000 guests from 25+ countries, including key figures from Ethiopia's innovation space, for insightful discussions across four stages, covering topics from corporate venture capital to showcasing Ethiopian entrepreneurs. Attendees can network with like-minded individuals, potential investors, and industry leaders while providing growth startups a platform to launch products and gain global visibility in the tech community.

Boost Networks between startups and global investors.

Networking among startups and global investors.

Promote Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation.

Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation.

Present Curated List of Viable Ventures

Curated List of high Potential Ventures.

Facilitate outcome-focused connections.

Facilitate meaningful and impactful connections.

— Join us for the biggest tech event of the year!

Get Ready to Unleash

Network with game-changers and thought leaders at Enkopa Summit.

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